2012 Candidate Survey: Results

UT Advocacy administered a survey this past August to every candidate running for a Tennessee General Assembly seat in this year’s General Election. The survey covers issues pertaining to higher education in Tennessee, regarding the areas of State support for higher education, campus and workplace safety, and Lottery Scholarships. Click here to read the full text of the survey.

Below are the results for legislators and candidates seeking election or reelection in the Tennessee State Senate and House of Representatives.

If you are unsure of which Senate or House District you are registered to vote in, you can look up your voter registration information via the Tennessee Department of State website.

Please note: State Senators in Tennessee serve staggered four-year terms, so only half of the Senate is up for election this year. We provided an opportunity for candidates to issue a statement or comment for each of the six questions, and all responses are quoted verbatim, unedited from the completed surveys received in our office.

Tennessee Senate

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Tennessee House of Representatives

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