UTHSC: A Proud Partner of the Governor’s Public Safety Task Force

Yesterday, the University of Tennessee joined hundreds of law enforcement and health professionals from across the state at the first ever statewide public safety forum. Joining Governor Haslam were Commissioners Dreyzehner (TN Department of Health), Gibbons (TN Department of Safety & Homeland Security), Varney (TN Department of Mental Health), Schofield (TN Department of Correction), and Hagerty (TN Department of Economic and Community Development) to present an update on the Governor’s Public Safety Action Plan. The Public Safety Action Plan is designed to have significant and measureable impacts on crime in Tennessee. The three key initiatives of the plan include reducing drug abuse and trafficking, reducing violent crime and reducing the number of repeat offenders.

The goal related to reducing drug abuse and trafficking contains specific actions relative to the Univeristy of Tennessee Health Science Center: Teaching medical and pharmacy students about prescription drug abuse, the prescription database system, and the laws in Tennessee that govern prescribers and dispensers.

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center is a proud partner in working with the Governor’s Public Safety Task Force to curb prescription drug abuse, a major concern for the Haslam administration.

Click on the video below to watch the Governor’s preview of the forum.

Governor Haslam Visits UTC: The Learning Laboratory Of Chattanooga

During his visit to Chattanooga for the Southern Growth Policies Board today, Governor Bill Haslam visited the University of Tennessee Chattanooga campus where he met with members of UTC’s administration and faculty.  The visit preempts a series of statewide discussions regarding higher education reform in Tennessee.  As recently as last week at the Board of Trustees meeting in Knoxville, the Governor stated that higher education would be his focus for the remainder of the year.  This will likely lead to a legislative package surrounding higher education for the upcoming legislative session.  Topics of particular interest to the Governor include workforce development, cost structure, and the number and quality of college graduates.

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